Our Story

One stifling Florida night in the early aughts, three skinny teenagers discovered something magical. Yes, it may have just been a Doobie Brothers cover for an upcoming graduation party, but it was magic! Music wrought from their own tiny sweaty hands. With their first taste of creation, the three set out on a journey to satisfy that unquenchable creative thirst. To search for a musical voice and say something with it. Thus was born, On The Soap Box.

Allow Us To Introduce Ourselves

Tom Moore

Singer Extraordinaire / Wicked Bass Player

Meet our singer and bass player, Tom Moore. Immigrating at a young age from across the pond, Tom had two dreams in his childhood. To grow into his ridiculously huge British teeth and to be the front man in a rock band. We are happy to say he achieved both of his dreams. When he isn't busy rocking out with OTSB, he is rocking out with himself. Check it out. It's quite good!

Caleb Muller

Drummer / Exquisite Background Singer

Our rhythmic gymnast is Caleb Muller. Growing up in a family with two older sisters helped Caleb to achieve the necessary physical and mental callouses to keep OTSB rocking steady. Like another creature of intense power, when drumming, he must keep his mouth open at all times - lest he spontaneously explode. He has recently moved from his swampy home state of Florida to the cooler climate of upstate New York to mitigate this condition.

Ben Calhoun

Guitarist / Twenty Feet from Stardom Backup Singer

On guitar, is Ben Calhoun. Without him, OTSB wouldn't be a third of what it is. Ever the collaborator, his habit of never finishing anything fit in perfectly with OTSB. Gloria Estefan's song, "Rhythm Is Gonna Get You," was actually a prophecy about Ben's future endeavors with OTSB. When he isn't coming up with new riffs for his band mates to finish, he spends his time monitoring his glacially receding hairline in the mirror.